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Brakes, we don’t need no stinkin’ brakes!

Sorry, I was just watching Blazing Saddles which parodied the line from The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, anyway, after a a number of posts over at Four Eyed Pride about Master Cylinder failures I decided to take a peak under the cover of mine just to see what was...

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A leaky rear end

So as the car sat in the garage a small pool of gear oil started to show up at the back end, a quick look under the car and we see quite a mess around the pumpkin.  So about 15-20 minutes of scrubbing with a brush and some simple green and we have something that...

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Adding a touch of luxury

But just a touch… So after painstakingly restoring (throwing a quick coat of paint on it) the handbrake handle I decided to cover it up and order a new shift boot to go with it.  I noticed that Redline Leather Goods had a discount code on a local forum I visit...

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Headliner – the sky is falling

Well maybe not the sky, but the material of the headliner was looking a bit ragged (well a LOT ragged), it was cut in a few places, had faded into a wonderful shade of nasty, and quite frankly didn’t smell all that great either.  So what is a cheap-skate like me...

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Starting issues

No pictures for this one, mostly because I didn’t take any, but there isn’t much worth taking pictures of. So it seems the previous-previous owner of the car had some kind of failure at some point with the starting circuit, the power between the ignition...

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Tail Light restoration

So as we’re caravanning this thing home it starts to rain (ok, torrential down pour may be a better term), my wife promptly calls me up and the conversation goes something like this; Wife – Turn your lights on, it’s raining. Me – They are on....

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